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My story

After 35 years in education, I've discovered my love for abstract art especially mixed media.  Opportunities arose to study virtually with artists from Australia, Sweden, England, Germany and Canada.  I love the mixture of collage and paint and am conscious to use recycled materials whenever possible in my work. My work not only reflects the sign of the times but hopefully will offer the person viewing their own interpretation of what they see.



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Series Works on Display


The "Twofers" series reflects the notion of two paintings in one.  A small collage made of recycled and handmade paper is created and then integrated into a larger canvas.  The piece can then be presented and interpreted in several ways by shifting the painting.


Moon Series

The Moon series evolved during the pandemic as a way to depict calmness during a chaotic time while bringing hope for a better tomorrow.  The paintings in this series consist of acrylic inks, paints and recycled palette pieces.


Whimsical Towns

The Whimsical Towns series developed over my love of travel.  Depicted are my interpretations of towns and villages that I have and want to visit.  The paintings again incorporate recycled and handmade paper along with acrylic inks and paints.


Mystical Sisters

The Mystical Sisters series aims to celebrate women through multiple viewpoints and situations. The work primarily is on canvas using collage , acrylic inks and paints.


Experimental Abstracts

These are a series of paintings combining a variety of techniques that I've learned from the various artists I've encountered.  I've experimented with watercolor techniques combining them with collage, handmade paper and acrylic inks to name a few.

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Commissions available upon request.

If you have any questions regarding my work - don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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